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3034 MOSFET,15k Resistor

$ 4.99
The IRLB3034PBF from International Rectifier is 40V single N channel HEXFET power MOSFET in TO-220AB package. This MOSFET features improved gate, avalanche and dynamic dV/dt ruggedness, fast switching. Applicable at high efficiency synchronous rectification in SMPS, uninterruptible power supply, high speed power switching, DC motor drive, hard switched and high frequency circuits.
  • Enhanced body diode dV/dt and dI/dt capability
  • Fully characterized capacitance and avalanche SOA
  • Very low Rds(on) at 4.5V Vgs
  • Superior RxQ at 4.5V VGS
  • Optimized for logic level drive
  • Drain to source voltage (Vds) of 40V
  • Gate to source voltage of ±20V
  • On resistance Rds(on) of 1.4mohm at Vgs 10V
  • Power dissipation Pd of 375W at 25°C
  • Operating junction temperature range from -55°C to 175°C

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